Heartbeat begins and ends with the student.

Heartbeat a simple, non-intrusive student engagement solution that adds cognitive power to every 6-12 grade classroom. This research-based classroom technology is designed to tie a student’s emotional health, cognitive position, and background to their ability to achieve academically. 

How it works.

Heartbeat begins and ends with the student, augmenting student/teacher relationships by adding cognitive power to the learning environment. It integrates seamlessly into the classroom, doing the legwork to enable 1:1 outcomes, even for classrooms maxed out at a 35:1 student/teacher ratio.

This solution offers educators and parents insights and engagement strategies on each student that can be used in the classroom to help improve:

  • Class size issues
  • Teacher attainment
  • Student engagement
  • School safety
  • Drop out rates
  • Expulsion/suspension rates
  • Attendance
  • Intervention
  • Graduation rates
  • Test scores

Research-based solution to reduce classroom stress & improve outcomes.

In partnership with

Supporting Social-Emotional Learning

This isn't a traditional, boring personality assessment or SEL screening. Heartbeat is focused on student agency and uses an intelligent set of easy-to-understand interactions in a virtual gameboard setting that students engage with individually. This creates a safe and fun place for students to provide candid feedback that ties directly to their personal competency.

Heartbeat taps into a student’s Metacognitive skills, which enable them to better monitor, strategize and take ownership over their own learning. In the context of literacy, enhanced Metacognitive skills lead to improved comprehension and writing skills. The use of explicit questions that encourage students to reflect on and rate their Metacognitive skills in a variety of contexts allow us to engage and measure student literacy, further enabling goal setting and learning journeys to reach achievement.

Literacy areas addressed include:

  • Connecting information
  • Debate skills
  • Essay writing
  • Reading and writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Language rules
  • Evaluating what students read

Heartbeat better enables students and teachers to evaluate the Cognitive Flexibility required for diverse tasks and plan school work accordingly. Tracking this skill is designed to enable students to improve focus, set goals and monitor their efforts to improve their Cognitive Flexibility.

Areas of cognition addressed include:

  • Social awareness
  • Sound and visual processing
  • Connecting information
  • Working memory
  • Short-term and long-term memory
  • Self discipline
  • Attention switching

Emotional development within the context of an individual student’s background and living circumstances has an impact on their ability to achieve academically. Heartbeat provides students with a solution that allows them to reflect on and evaluate their emotional relationship with learning. This allows students to recognize and overcome the emotional blocks that can often limit the learning process.

Heartbeat engages with students explicitly about their emotional knowledge, their capacity to regulate emotions, issues of mental health, and related topics to help them better gauge and regulate their emotions as they encounter new material in the classroom.

Socio-economic barriers often determine and limit the trajectory of a student’s academic success. Heartbeat confronts these challenges head on, both in practice and content.

In content, we enable students to reflect on the ways in which differences in socio-economic background inform their learning experience. These insights enable students to take ownership over their learning process and make choices better suited to their individual needs.

Additionally, these insights will inform how teachers develop differentiated learning strategies best suited to each student’s needs, from the choice of texts, to allowing students extra time to eat before class and other related accommodations. These factors enhance the sense of belonging and the ability to build trusting relationships that are integral to the Building Blocks of a successful school environment.

See how Heartbeat solves the top 3 SEL constraints

Actionable, individualized engagement strategies for each student.

Heartbeat is designed to be exploratory by nature and creates a welcoming space for student engagement. Unlike assessments, there is no right or wrong answer, no red to green scale, and instead offers a safe space that supports student agency.

Developed by psychometric experts, Heartbeat is designed to offer a variety of intereactions, where each interaction provides data over time that informs the results.

Education not based on right or wrong, but shape of each student’s journey through the assessment

Driven by student agency

Heartbeat provides real time insights to help identify the "pulse" of each student. The Pulse is non-normative, uses dynamic scales, and does not rate progress on an invisible standard or ideal.

Insights and actions will be provided to both students and teachers. For students, these are designed to help them become active agents in their learning journey. For teachers, Heartbeat offers them the tools to align their teaching strategies and implement personalized learning at scale.

*The subscription is not required to be active at the time of the verification request, but a minimum of one month's subscription service must be paid for in order to receive course verification for an ACE transcript.