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We help district leaders


Shmoop levels the playing field for students with personalized learning programs and an outcomes-driven approach.


We equip educators with insights that inform how to achieve critical outcomes by tying a student’s emotional health, background, and cognitive position to their ability to achieve academically.

Test Readiness

Close the gap to 1:1 test prep with Shmoop. This diagnostic approach uses custom drills, practice tests that mirror the real exams, and complementary videos and was developed to drive improved test scores.


Social Emotional Learning and Multi-Tiered System of Supports are a key focus with Shmoop’s direct (and fun!) intervention solutions.

"Allowing students to work through content at their own pace, to create a blended classroom, one that brings us together to discuss common topics or for me to present new material."

- Elizabeth, Aiken County

Teaching and Learning

A classroom ecosystem that supports in-class instruction or distance learning.


Shmoop acts as a classroom companion whether in-person or virtual, supporting teachers with customization features to create coursework and engage students in a meaningful way.


Through storytelling, humor, and pop-culture references, Shmoop engages students to build memory and content retention.

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Shmoop helps improves test scores

Test Readiness

It’s not your father’s test prep. Shmoop’s Test Readiness identifies individual student learning gaps, versus other test prep programs that focus on assessment and repetitive practice tests.

Improve college and career readiness

Increase enrollment in AP courses

Implement a personalized learning approach

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Tustin High School doubles AP® pass rates with Shmoop's Test Readiness Program.

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Ease the stress of the learning environment and discover Shmoop’s modern, online education resources.


Monitor student or classroom progress through analytics and data provided by Shmoop.


Simplify communication and reporting with defined metrics and goals.

Shmoop’s modern, online education resources

Individual subscriptions or schoolwide programs

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