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Enable and support student and teacher engagement through personalized learning programs, student agency, and test readiness.

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Level the playing field: Empower students with online learning resources that meet them where they are and hone their unique skill sets.


A research-backed approach that moves away from generalizations, bias, and unknowns, reducing classroom stress and anxiety while improving student outcomes.

Test Readiness

Personalized programs for nearly every standardized exam, Advanced Placement tests, state-specific end of course exams, and college readiness testing.


Classroom resources that support Social Emotional Learning and Multi-Tiered System of Supports.

"My students are on Shmoop twice a week. They took diagnostic tests in reading and English. Based off of that, students target their own deficiencies and use skill reviews and drills to improve their scores."

- Rachelle, High School Teacher

Teaching and Learning

Shmoop enables a virtual classroom ecosystem that supports both instruction in the classroom and distance learning.

Classroom Companion

Teachers can leverage Shmoop's 400 online courses for comprehensive virtual delivery, assessments, blended learning, and classroom discussion.

Gradebooks & Communication

Manage and submit custom assignments online, post class announcements, online grading, and more!

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Improve test scores

Test Readiness

Shmoop’s Test Readiness program creates a personalized learning experience for each student. What sets Shmoop apart from other test prep programs:



Program Depth

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Tustin High School doubles AP® pass rates with Shmoop's Test Readiness Program.

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Shmoop's eLearning solutions are designed to improve student engagement and achievement by easing the stress of the learning environment. To measure this, school leaders get access to the following:

Analytic reports to monitor student progress

Skill tracking and project test scores

Virtual learning resources

Student engagement

Individual subscriptions or schoolwide programs

Campus Level


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