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Shmoop Test Readiness

Test Readiness

An adaptive and refreshing approach to test prep. Students take a diagnostic test that identifies which areas need improvement and create a personalized readiness plan complete with drills, videos, and review topics. Students and teachers collectively track progress over time before walking into test day.

Improve Scores

Designed to optimize test day results, helping students get the scores they need for college acceptance and/or college scholarships.

Set a Personal Pace & Schedule

Because the program is adaptive and virtual, students can work through at their own pace in the classroom or in a distance learning setting.

Diverse Materials

Students can tap into full length practice tests, engaging learning videos, and tons of drills.

"Shmoop made me realize what I knew and what I needed to work on, and it helped me work on them with the little quizzes. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't use Shmoop."

- Katelyn, Student


Students gain access to a vast library of humorous learning videos (over 10K!) and fun course content that is designed to support achievement both in and out of the classroom.

10K Fun and Engaging Videos

Our video library offers those visual learners an opportunity to engage and absorb information at the same time. Whether studying for AP® Calculus or learning how to write a thesis statement, we've got a video for it.

1,000 Study Guides

Shmoop's #1 student favorite! Study guides are written with a splash of humor and in a voice that students understand.

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Shmoop's content was developed with the student in mind, with the goal of easing the stress of the learning environment. Humor, storytelling and pop-culture references throughout course material and study guides has shown to keep students having fun (and laughing!) while they learn. In turn, this supports student engagement.

Tustin High School doubles AP® pass rates with Shmoop's Test Readiness Program.

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Surprise! Students actually have fun studying with Shmoop. Our study guides and study tools help students understand what they're learning, with a punch of humor of course.

Study Tools

Study Tool favorites include Shmoop’s Flashcards, Essay Lab and Math Shack.

Study Guides

Over 1,000 study guides are available across every school subject.

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Individual subscriptions or schoolwide programs